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Common Threads

Common Threads
810 West Grace Street
Richmond, VA 23220

Common Threads is a boardshop located on the VCU campus in the heart of Richmond, VA. Owned and operated by VCU alumni. VCU students and alumni get 10% off entire order.


Circling Back to the Roots

August 14, 2014

Boarders all gather in numbers when there is a swell, a fresh snowfall, free beer… Work is secondary. Surfing road trips are legend. They share a ritual. It is tribal. Nature is the leader. The oceans, mountains, the wind – powerful, moody, globally influential. It’s a religion. Living life is at the forefront of each brand that Common Threads carries. Woven in each brand identity is the human desire to go outdoors and be active. To go hike. Skate. Fish. Surf. Travel. Snowboard. Camp. The brands we connect stretch across a number of cultures and tribes. And we're here to tell you their stories and how a collective of independent brands can change things. Continue Reading →

Why We Believe in Shakedown Street: Witness the Grateful Dead Parking Lot

August 14, 2014

In the early 1980's a tailgating culture turned out a community of interdependent fans following the Grateful Dead. It came to be known as "Shakedown Street." A place where strangers would help strangers sell and trade each other's goods to fund their unique lifestyle. Shakedown Street has supported itself for over 30 years in the midst of band followings - in a fans own words, "I understand the strength that can come from being a part of a tribe." Experiences in such a communal atmosphere of like-minded individuals played a large role in the inception of Common Threads.
Regardless of the absence of the Grateful Dead today, the economic experiment they gave birth to remains the single freest, most “kind” place... Continue Reading →


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