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getting started

Look for hidden gems

Our bodies and our fashion taste are constantly changing. That doesn’t mean the clothes that no longer fit us or that we no longer love have to collect dust in the back of our closets. Pile up your barely worn clothes and pull out the ones you think deserve to be shown off. These are the clothes you can list and earn money from on our store.

preparing your listing

Snap pics that sell

While you’re required to submit 2 photos in your application, we recommend at least 4. Before you snap some pics, make sure your item is clean and presentable. If there is any damage, please take a picture and include it in the item’s description.

Photos on people

Show us how your item fits on a real person and style it with items that give us a sense of how to wear it.

Try taking your pics outside! Natural light is always preferred.

Flat lay or hanger photos

Set your item up with a plain background that has high contrast. For example, if you are shooting a navy sweater, hang it up against a white door or bed sheet.

Include views of the front, back, and sides as well as close-ups of any details and embellishments.

Wood or wire hangers look better than plastic.

filling out your application

Choose a short but descriptive title

The title is the first thing our members read about your listing! Give your item a short, descriptive headline that makes members want to read the details. Try including the brand, the color or pattern, and the item category. 

Example: Reformation Pink Polka Dot Mini Dress

Write a fire description

Spill the deets! Share how it fits, how you styled it and where you wore it to help us decide if it would rent well in our community. Think of everthing you'd like to know before renting an item yourself. Remember, honesty is always the best policy.

Example: The sweetest dress ever! I get so many compliments when I wear it to class. Perfect for looking effortlessly cute... and it's got pockets! I usually pair it with my favorite pair of Air Forces for maximum comfort.

To sell our not to sell

The last (but not least) step of your listing application will be to choose whether or not you'd like to make your item available for sale. By checking yes, your item can be purchased by another renter. Otherwise, your item will only be available to rent, so you can reclaim it whenever your separation anxiety starts to kick in.

schedule a pickup

My application was approved... now what?

Yay! Your listing was approved, which means you're just about ready to start makin' some moola.

Click the button below to schedule a pickup for your approved listing. No need to package it up or print out a label, we'll come take it off your hands as is. Easy as pie.

Listing FAQs

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We’ll review your application within the next 1-2 business days and you’ll receive an email with our decision. You can also view the status of your listings right from your account!

As many as your heart desires!

The beauty of Common Threads is that you retain ownership of your listings, meaning that you can reclaim your listed items whenever you’d like (as long as they’re not currently out on rent). From the listings page of your account, click reclaim next to any listing with a listed status. We’ll start working on getting your item back to you as soon as we can!

You get paid whenever your listings are rented or purchased by one of our members! Your earnings will be added to your Wallet once we have processed their return or after your listings have been purchased.