How it works


List your clothes

List items any time by filling out the online application in your account. Upload some pics, add a description and submit your finished listing for approval. 


Make money

Earn easy money each time your listing is rented, or when your listing is purchased. Decide you want it back? You can manage and reclaim your listings with just a few clicks.


Cash out or apply online

Your earnings are instantly added to your Wallet, where you can cash out via PayPal or Venmo or choose to apply them to rentals or purchases of your own!


To list or not to list

Our virtual closet is a big win for our members because we offer clothes designed to go the distance. That means we only accept pieces from high-quality brands and always say a hard no to fast fashion and single-use clothes.

Check out our most frequently rented designers, and search your closet for styles with high rental potential. That’s how you secure the bag!

Top requested brands

let's talk money

Get paid for your drip

You’ll be paid each time your listing is rented, or when your listing is purchased — the higher the value, the more cash you earn! Your earnings are added directly to your Wallet in your account. Withdraw your earnings via Venmo or PayPal or apply them towards your own rentals or purchases at checkout!

Earn between $7-$15 each time your item is rented or 60% of your item's purchase price if a renter buys it.

We take a small cut ourselves to cover additional costs.

the perks

Why list with Common Threads

Make space in your closet

Set your style free and share the love with the Common Threads community while making space in your closet for new and exciting looks.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Keep your clothes out of landfills and in circulation for longer to offset greenhouse gas emissions and do your bit for the planet.

Let's get this bread

Make some money with the clothes that you no longer love, don’t fit, or simply don’t need right now. You can reclaim your listings at any time when you want to wear them again.

Ready to get started?

To submit a listing application, click the account icon in the main navigation menu or use the button below. After creating an account or logging into an existing one, head to Listings then click add new listing to start filling out a new listing application.