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Style-obsessed students sending fashion round in circles

There's one question my friends always ask no matter where we're going: what are you wearing? But no matter how many clothes we own or how often we shop, we would often get hit by that ‘nothing to wear’ feeling. And it sucks.

Well, imagine an affordable closet that adapts to your changing style, size, and budget. A closet that connects you to a fashion-loving community featuring style from real-life students on campus. That’s the concept for Common Threads, dreamed up during my time at Duke.

At first, I was determined to find a solution to the struggle of shopping on a college student’s budget. But once I took a class that opened my eyes to the greater problem of fast fashion, I realized the industry needed a makeover too.

Driven by our desire for new outfits, fast fashion is polluting the planet and promoting unethical labor practices that we can’t afford to ignore. And seeing as the most sustainable clothes are those already hanging in our wardrobes, borrowing from our neighbor’s closet is the smartest move for the world.

Designed for college students, by college students

Our goal is to empower college students to have fun with fashion and make the industry more sustainable, one rental at a time. With a unique shared closet that adapts to different sizes, styles, and budgets, we’re the CEO of serving looks while doing our bit for the planet.

our community

Why join our squad?

Common Threads is the closet that grows with you, earns for you, and makes sure you ALWAYS have something to wear.

Get inspired by style on campus

We’re on top of the latest trends at Duke as well as the events you need to dress for. Discover our collections for outfit inspiration and share your styling tips with the Common Threads class!

Wear more, spend less

Borrow each other’s style to wear hundreds of dollars worth of clothes for a fraction of the price, and enjoy the flexibility to experiment with your look.

Do your part for the planet

Join our like-minded campus community to reuse clothing from high-quality brands, and help us transform the future of fashion.

Know where your clothes are coming from

Rest easy knowing your clothes are coming from students right here on campus with everything professionally cleaned and sanitized by our expert team.


The future of fashion is circular

We love fashion, but we can’t stand what it’s doing to the planet. A lack of regulation and standards in the industry allows brands to exploit garment workers, pollute the environment, and perpetuate a ‘wear once and throw it away’ culture that keeps the whole cycle on repeat.

Common Threads is here to help you switch it up! We keep clothing in use for longer, source stock from transparent and eco-conscious brands, and support college students to look hot as they keep the earth cool.