How it works


Rent your faves

Start browsing our campus closet for your next 'fit. Whether it's for class or for formal, we've got a variety of styles and brands to choose from for a fraction of the price.


Show them off

You can expect to get your hands on your haul later that day or within 1-2 business days. Once your bag shows up at your door, the clothes are yours for up to two weeks. Enjoy!


Send back or keep forever

Fallen hard for your 'fits and can’t bear to be parted? We’ve got you, bestie! Scroll to the rentals section of your account to select either return for the items you’d like to send back or buy for the items you want to keep.


Outfits for any occasion

There are more occasions than ever to dress for at college, but less time and money to shop. We get it — the struggle is real! That’s why we designed a shared campus closet that you can borrow from whenever you want. Whether you want to switch up your sportswear or dress to impress, we’re your one-stop rental shop for a huge variety of styles. You’ll never get bored of your clothes again.

Styles for every occasion

Empowering every student to have fun with fashion

We celebrate all students with our size-inclusive range and take regular stock inventories to make sure we fill any gaps. So, everyone in our squad has plenty to choose from and can use our shared closet to get creative with their look.

the perks

Why rent from Common Threads

Save money + time

Live your best life in clothes worth more than $400 in value. Raid our communal closet to find what you want, when you need it.

Free return pick-ups

We get it, you’re busy. Like, really busy. Unlike other clothing rental services, all you need to do is leave your return outside your door for pick-up.

A forever fresh closet

With a variety of brands and looks constantly rotating, our closet grows with you. Even if your style, size, and budget change.

Laundry + dry-cleaning included

Your rentals are delivered to you sparkling clean and ready-to-wear so you can spend less time doing laundry, and more time looking awesome.

Total flexibility

Rent from a variety of your favorite designers or experiment with new ones. No more feeling guilty for spending money on something you'll only wear once.

Protect our earth

Most of our clothes end up in landfills or collecting dust in our closets. Our platform is powered by circular fashion, allowing you to wear more and waste less.

Start browsing your dream closet

From psych to formal and everything in between, we've got you covered. With new styles and brands constantly added, refresh your wardrobe whenever you'd like for a fraction of the price. Protect your budget and our planet when you join our circular fashion community.