then when and how

Returning your rentals

The when

Return any time before your return deadline

From the time your order is delivered, your rentals are yours to keep for the following week. Need an extension? No problem! Simply hold on to your items past their return date in order to rock your rentals for another week.

the how

How to make your return


Pack up the items you're sending back

Put any rentals you decide to send back in the Common Threads bag they arrived in. Shipments may arrive in a polybag or cardboard box from time to time, which you can also use for your returns.


Submit the return from your account

From the Rentals page of your account, click return for each item you're packing up and sending back. Items you're returning from the same order should be sent back together.


Leave it outside your door for pickup

Your return will be picked up Sunday-Friday, excluding major holidays. Depending on your location, your returns will be picked up between 10am - 7pm on either Sunday and Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays or Wednesdays and Fridays.

Return FAQs

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No worries! Whether you live on East Campus, West Campus, or off-campus, our pickup and laundry partners are in your area two days a week.

If you take your rentals home with you or on vacation, use our contact form to submit a return request. Once we receive your request, we'll send you a return label that you can print out and slip into the pouch on the outside of the Common Threads bag your rentals arrived in.

From your Profile in your account, scroll down to the section called shipping address. This is the address we'll use to pickup your returns, so it is extremely important you make sure it's correct and up-to-date! You can edit or update your address at any time.