We’re turning fashion green, one rental at a time

We’ve got a home truth for you: fast fashion is polluting the planet at a scary rate. And have you heard about the exploitation of garment workers by brands who should know better? Something’s got to change.

Luckily, there is a way to get our kicks from clothes in a more responsible way. Common Threads helps college students get as much wear out of clothing as possible while encouraging our customers to invest mindfully in their closets. We cut our carbon footprint by operating on campus within a 10-mile radius of our members, and we even take care of responsibly donating or repurposing clothing when it reaches the end of its life. 

Share your style with our like-minded community and embrace a circular future for fashion. Doing right by the planet looks good on us all.

"Every second, the equivalent of one garbage truck full of clothes and textiles is being thrown into landfills or burned."

Closing the loop of linear fashion

Linear Fashion

Take, make, waste. How did the fashion industry become one of the most polluting sectors on the planet? This unsustainable model is to blame! Serial offenders are the fast-fashion retailers who mass produce cheap, low-quality clothing. And it’s our garment workers and the environment that are paying the ultimate price.

Circular fashion

Reduce, rewear, repurpose, recycle. Circular fashion puts the focus on buying less, reducing waste, and wearing our clothing for longer. At Common Threads, we take this to the next level by combining rental and resale into one virtual closet, extending the life cycle of beautiful clothes that were all designed to last.

"Of the 103 items in the average woman's closet, only 10% are actually worn."

How we're making a difference


Keeping clothes out of landfills


Energy-efficient sanitizing technology


Recycling and repurposing


Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

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